Major Fabric Repairs – with Page/Park Architects


The flat-roofed church, completed in 1972 to designs by Gillespie Kidd and Coia, is Category B-Heritage Listed.

Scope of Work

Page/Park Architect’s remit was to refurbish the roofs to the church and parish house. Original felt roof finishes were worn out, single-glazed sky lights to the church roof leaked and ran with condensation, and rainwater disposal systems and levels of insulation were inadequate.

The priority was to minimise changes to the original appearance of the church and parish house whilst making the roofs waterproof, more energy efficient and free from condensation.

View across completed church roof. New lead cladding in the foreground with the cross from the original design drawings.

Statutory Consents

Because the repairs and upgrades minimised changes to the building appearance no planning or listed building consents were required.


The Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland funded the project.

Contract value


Start on site and completion

Started on site in November 2008. Completed on programme and within budget in March 2009.

Points of Special Interest

Having the original working drawings gave me a rare insight into the original detailing and allowed me to draw up proposals that were in sympathy with the original architect’s design thinking.

I had to straddle the line between maintaining the original appearance of the building whilst upgrading its fabric performance.

Funders agreed to fund the modern, single-ply equivalent to the original felt roof finish but wouldn’t fund double-glazed roof lights, as the originals were single glazed.

I took the opportunity to fix new crosses to the church that were shown on the original design drawings.

Knowledge, skills and experience gained

I gained a great knowledge into how Gillespie Kidd and Coia detailed their church buildings and had to interpret their original design intentions sympathetically whilst upgrading the fabric to meet modern standards.

Church roof before repairs. Note water ponding on the patched felt roof finish and the single-glazed sky light in the background.
View over new roofs to church and presbytery.