Major Fabric Repairs with Page/Park Architects


The Category A-Heritage Listed Pearce Institute was completed in 1905 to designs by renowned architect Sir Robert Rowand Anderson. It had a history of poor maintenance and underfunding.

I reviewed the condition of the building in 2002 and over the 10 years that followed was involved as Project Architect in seven contracts of varying sizes to upgrade the Pearce Institute, when funding could be found.

In 2009 funding was made available for a major repair contract.

Above: Cast lead lion head from tower

Below: Completed roofs.

The scope of works

The major repair contract included external works to the roofs, rainwater goods and external stonework.

Internal works included removal of non-original finishes and reinstatement of original plasterwork and decorative schemes.

I coordinated documentation for statutory consents and for tender, and oversaw the works to completion on site.


From government sources, including Historic Scotland.

Contract Value


Start and Completion on site

Start on site April 2010. Completed June 2011.

Points of interest

My greatest challenge was to repair and conserve the fabric whilst being realistic about the client’s commercial agenda.

The most interesting conservation works were restoration of a copper sailing ship and clock on the gable of the MacLeod Hall and of the ornate leadwork to the cupola on the main hall roof.

Knowledge, skills and experienced gained

Whilst installing lightning protection I learnt to walk a careful line between achieving adequate protection and satisfying Historic Scotland regarding the appearance of the new system.

I built my knowledge in the reinstatement of existing cast iron rainwater goods, and in identifying appropriate historic internal decorative schemes.

My skills in discussing and agreeing suitable technical solutions to issues on site were well tested, and further developed, on this project.

Above: Completed Billiard Room.

Below: Copper ship from Hall gable.